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Fleet management

Fleet management includes comprehensive services in the area of operating the corporate vehicles. It does not matter whether the operated vehicle is in your ownership, purchased in cash, or on lease. The purpose of this service is cost saving: investment, service, time, and labour costs. The service of fleet management includes:

  • The purchase and delivery of the vehicles — guarantee of the best possible price on the market of the individual model
  • Provision of financing — guarantee of optimal market conditions based on the type of financing
  • Service management — taking place in the framework of authorized services throughout the Czech Republic, the monitoring of the operating costs of the vehicles, checking the extent and validity of invoiced items, authorization of repairs, checking compliance with the pricing standards.
  • Insurance and settlement — a comprehensive legal collision damage waiver covers glass, cargo, the settlement of insurance claims
  • The replacement vehicles — provision of a replacement vehicle in case of repair or insurance claim.
  • The administration of taxes and fees — registration and payment of road taxes, tolls.
  • Driver training — the regular training of drivers in the area of current legal regulations
  • Rental of vehicles — providing the rental of vehicles from the lowest to the highest class
  • The sale of used vehicles — guarantee to sell the vehicle taken out of operation for the best possible price in a given time

In the framework of this service, you have 24 hours a day, a continuous overview of the costs of your vehicles. By assigning a password you gain access to the tracking section of the service costs, where you can check the costs of vehicles by the number plate and for the entire company together.

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