About us

AutoCorp, a.s. provides comprehensive services in the area of leasing and the service of vehicles, further services in the area of the administration of the vehicle fleet and the outsourcing of business vehicles - these services belong to the fast paced modern trends of recent years.

AutoCorp, a.s. provides rentals to corporate clientele, insurance companies, leasing companies and assistance services. The company does not provide rentals to individuals. We operate throughout the territory of the Czech Republic with branches in Prague, Pardubice, Brno and Ostrava. We rent vehicles also abroad, to Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Hungary and Holland.

The company has been in business since 2007 and during this period it has acquired a number of Czech and foreign clients (see references)due to its quality services, affordable prices, a wide range of individual models and the quality of the vehicles on offer - the vehicles offered for short rentals are not older than 2 years, for the long-term rentals we provide only new vehicles. All rentals include a breakdown service throughout the territory of the Czech Republic, the replacement of tyres, settlement of claims and in the case of the vehicle breaking down a replacement vehicle, everything included in the rental price.

If you decide to use our other services, in addition, to our rental services, you receive these core benefits when using your corporate cars:

professional maintenance of your fleet

zajištění servisu po celém území České republiky

likvidaci škod a pojistných událostí

ensuring service throughout the territory of the Czech Republic

the settlement of loss and claims

we will map and streamline process of using your corporate vehicles

we can provide you with monitoring service costs of vehicles 24 hours a day

in the case of failure of your vehicle, we will provide promptly its adequate replacement

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