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Optimising costs of corporate vehicles

Optimising the costs of corporate vehicles cuts across the whole process of their use, from the purchase of a corporate vehicle, then through the payment of it with the appropriate financial product, or alternatively buying a vehicle in cash, to the determination of the profitable mileages and with its related service costs, and the choice of the vehicle with a petrol or diesel engine, etc.

Car policy“ hat is the policy of using vehicles in the company, including all the above mentioned aspects, and additionally respecting the status of individual workers, is a key element on the way for optimising the costs. There are many aspects that need to be taken into account during the process, in particular the choice of make and suitable model of vehicle, the level of its fittings. In addition, there are several other factors including, for example, the use of vehicles for private purposes, the utilization of vehicles, profitability and the evaluation of the practicality of using a variety of additional services, such as various types of insurance, calculation of service costs in instalments, insurance, legal protection, etc. „Car policy“, that is a summary of the rules for capturing, managing and operating company vehicles, must also be in accordance with the applicable regulations and legislation.